Rotai RT8900 Black Panther Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

  • RT8630 massage chair from Rotai is designed by a Disney animation character, Baymax, combined with the cutting-edge technology to give you the massage that your body needs.
  • RT8630 creates a three-dimensional space by strengthening concave /convex contrast, bringing a stronger sense of privacy and security.
  • Based on big data analysis of human body shapes, entrance size, corridor width, etc. factors, this model can fit  90% of users (30% higher than the average massage chair on the market).
  • Rotai’s 3rd generation intelligent mechanism can provide a multi-angle, perfect-fitting massage for the neck, shoulder, back, and waist.
  • Over 24 innovative massage techniques provide extreme comfort and more recorded counting signal, quicker response, and more accurate controls in body scanning and closed-loop control of massage techniques.
  • It adopts a multiple factors adjustment system and intelligent algorithm to deliver a more comprehensive analysis.

د.إ 54.000,00


Double massage mechanism with synchronized massage experience
The 3D deep tissue massage mechanism, special waist and spine massage mechanism, double body sensor system and the innovative massage technique together provide extraordinary comfort and experience.

3D deep tissue massage mechanism
The upper massage mechanism, which covers a length of almost 80 cm, provides a soothing massage for the neck, shoulders, back and spine.

  • precise shoulder positioning technology
  • 3D deep tissue massage
  • pressure massage for the shoulder
  • pushing massage for the back

Dual sensor system mastery with intelligence
For automatic body shape mapping, bipolar magnetic field sensor technology and a newly developed pulse sensor system enable:

  • precision body detection
  • Better signal transmission
  • Intelligent algorithms

Special waist and spine massage mechanism
The lower massage mechanism, which covers a length of more than 85 cm, extends all the way to your back, waist, hips and thighs for a deep tissue massage.

Detailed massage
programs Use a unique shoulder press and Tuina massage technique to improve circulation, which moves blood through overworked areas of the body, while new blood flows into the tissues after the release of the same pressure. This form of therapy greatly helps relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Super flexible massage
track Top-quality self-adjusting flexible track
The track rail extends as the massage chair reclines, while the path of the mechanics track has increased from 1160 mm to 1210 mm, providing three-dimensional massage on the neck, shoulders, the entire length of the spine, all the way to the hips and thighs, thus significantly increasing the effectiveness of the massage.

Back and leg heating with the latest high-tech heating
fibers Graphene is the newest, strongest, thinnest, most conductive and 100% carbon material, which surpasses all other known materials as a heat conductor.
The Panther is equipped with an improved heat system with solutions for the back, waist and legs, which increases and accelerates blood circulation and helps relax tense muscles. The constant heat between 45-50 ℃ provides pleasant pampering.


72-part air cushion massage system
Enables tight and soothing air cushion massage. Provides full-coverage air pressure massage for shoulders, arms, hands, knees, calves and feet through inflating and deflating airbags, mimicking human palm pressure massage on acupuncture points to increase fresh blood supply to muscles and provide oxygen-rich nutrients.

Two-way stretching patented foot massage
Stretches and lengthens the deep side of the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons of our feet, thus guaranteeing an incredible physical and mental relaxation.

  • Two-way stretching of the upper leg by 70 mm
  • Two-way stretching of the lower leg by 150 mm
  • Kneading and rubbing calf massage technique with extra heat therapy for knees
  • A foot and foot massage is an essential part of the massage experience


The quick control buttons built into the armrest
Easily manage the main functions of the massage chair with your fingers using the convenient control panel.

  • Rotary Switch for changing programs and setting the 3D intensity.
  • Quick buttons: power on, horizontal and zero-gravity position stop, cooking control, quick top-up, automatic program start/pause

Touch screen remote control
The rapid development of technology makes a luxurious, sophisticated and eye-catching remote control available. The 8-inch touch screen provides user-friendly operation and its sophisticated modern design further enhances the feeling of elegance. The current program is shown on the display, you can adjust the intensity of the massage and other functions to create your own massage experience.

Zero-gravity posture

  • More neutral postures
  • Greater massage coverage
  • Greater stretch range
  • Better massage efficiency

Dual phone charging solution
Wireless charging technology provides cleaner, faster and simpler charging. Just place your phone that supports wireless charging into the wireless charging dock to charge your device when needed. You can charge all USB-chargeable mobile phones, music players and other devices via the USB charging port.

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